Ellenvale Junior High

April 26th, 2021

Ap 26

Announcements Monday, April 26, 2021
Week One/A

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, which is the unceded traditional ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

If you are coming to the school to pick up chrome books, instruments or student’s personal items, please come to the school between 9am and 3pm. Please call 435-8420 from your car once you are at the school and you will be met at the door with the items you have pre-arranged to pick up.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for our Rafflebox 50/50 Fundraiser!! Last checked, the total raised so far is perilously close to $2000! Holy Smokes--Mme. Leslie’s class has lunged into the lead having raised $330, Mr. Vautour’s class sank into second place with $200, and Ms. McCarron’s class has raised a very respectable $190.  We need a little more enthusiasm from the following classes: 905, 901, 804, 801 and 701 because they have only raised $20 each! It’s not too late folks. Lots of time to pull into the lead!! Pizza party is up for grabs for the 1st place homeroom! And, we will have prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place classes also.

It is easy to buy tickets! Go to https://www2.rafflebox.ca/raffle/ellenvalejhs
This fundraiser is to support our outdoor classrooms, our Grade 9 promotion plans, and, hopefully, to purchase more Chrome Books toward our goal of one for every student. Tickets are for sale until May 17, 2021, midnight. The draw will take place on May 18, 2021, at the school. The winner will be contacted by email and/or phone.

Don’t Miss Out – Order your Yearbook NOW!!
Please contact jcottingham@hrce.ca if you would like to purchase a yearbook while we are learning on-line.
Speaking of the yearbook, Grade 9 students can submit baby photos for a fun guessing page. Anyone interested can email them to chapmagx@hotmail.com.

From 905 Civics Group:
Today’s tip to avoid being a bucket dipper is to not say something or someone is your “spirit animal”. Spirit animals, animal guides and spirit helpers are spiritual terms that Indigenous cultures use to describe benevolent spirits. The terms describe something sacred and religious and doesn’t mean you identify with or relate to something. Thanks for listening and learning how to be more kind.

From the Learning Centre:
There are some clean, gently worn, gender neutral, girls’ size 7 sneakers and flats available to anyone who is interested.  Please see Ms. Vee, Ms. O or Ms. W in the learning centre and they will show them to you. You can also tell your teacher that you are interested and they will let the learning centre know. There are also clean and gently worn hoodies and jeans if you wish to take a look at those. 

The Virtual SAC meeting schedule for this evening is CANCELLED