Ellenvale Junior High

May 26th, 2016

Lockdown Drill Today
Our 3 goals for lockdown drill today are:

1. Complete silence behind closed doors when police and admin do walkthrough
2. No answering calls or door knocks from any source, until doors opened by admin
3. No cell phone calls; all phones on silent

Energy Saving Competition

A competition is being held for 37 elementary and junior high schools, which have dashboards, to reduce their school's electricity consumption as much as possible from May 23 - June 10. The winning school will be the one that has the largest percentage decrease in electrical consumption. We're asking you to encourage your students to participate and to provide suggestions on how they can use less electricity at school.
The winning school will receive a pizza lunch before the end of the school year!

Grade 9 Year End
Regarding the Upper Clements Park Day Trip for Gr 9s: permission forms are in Mr. Mullally's room. The  cost is $40 and the completed forms are due June 1st.

From Mme Boudreau:
Grade 9 students are reminded that permission forms and money for the Harbour Cruise and Valley trip are due on June 1.

Ultimate Frisbee
A reminder that the next ultimate frisbee practice will be this Friday from 3:00 to 4:00 in the gym. Don't forget your gym clothes and shoes.

Girls Softball
The girls’ softball tournament is today. – Please see Mr. Mullally for questions/concerns.

Boys Softball
A reminder to the boys’ softball team to have their forms and fees passed into Mr. Leveck as soon as possible. There will be a practice today at 3:00 on the backfield for all team members. If you are unable to attend please speak to Mr. Leveck.The boys’ softball tournament is on Friday. Please see Mr. Leveck for questions/concerns.