Ellenvale Junior High

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Doolan, Michelle 100% Resource Teacher 902-435-8420 ext. 3401204 mdoolan@hrce.ca
Tse, Patricia Family Studies 7/8/9 and Grade 8 Healthy Living / Grade 8 & 9 Social Studies ptse@hrce.ca Website
Carter, Danielle Grade 8 /9 Science and 8 Core French Danielle.Carter@hrce.ca Website
Sinclair, Gwendy Grade 7 / 8 ELA gsinclair@hrce.ca Website
Attig, Jihene Grade 7 French Immersion French Language Arts and Mode de Vie jattig@hrce.ca
Cameron, Lisa Grade 7 French Immersion Math and Science cameronl@hrce.ca Website
Coles, Krista Grade 7 Math/Science/Healthy Living Krista.Coles@hrce.ca
McCarron, Jessica Grade 7 Science 7/8 Science Humaine Jessica.McCarron@hrce.ca Website
Fraser, Victor Grade 7/8/9 Band Teacher vfraser@hrce.ca Website
Pike, Vanessa Grade 7/8/9 Phys. Ed. 902-435-8420 ext. 3401010 vpike@hrce.ca
Emberly, John Grade 7/8/9 Phys.Ed. and Tech. Ed. 902-435-8420 ext. 3401009 jemberly@hrce.ca
Legge , Keile Grade 8 & 9 Core French/ Grade 8 & 9 ELA klegge@hrce.ca
Shortt, Eileen Grade 8 ELA & Social Studies eshortt@hrce.ca Website
Leslie, Alicia Grade 8 FLA / Sci Humaine alicia.leslie@hrce.ca
Radkey, Lael Grade 8 French Immersion Math/Science ARadkey@hrce.ca
Robertson , Carrie Grade 8 French Immersion Math/Science (Long Term sub for Radkey) carrie.robertson@hrce.ca
Leveck, John Grade 8 Math and Science jleveck@hrce.ca
Crocker, Kathleen GRade 9 ELA and Social Studies KLingley@hrce.ca
Taylor, Amanda Grade 9 FI Math/ Science/Mode de Vie Grade 8 Science Amanda.Taylor@hrce.ca
Boudreau-MacKinnon, Therese Grade 9 French Immersion FLA and Science Humaine/Mode de Vie tboudreau-mackinnon@hrce.ca Website
Doucette, Chantelle Grade 9 Math and Healthy Living Chantelle.Doucette@hrce.ca Website
Sparks, Kaitlin Junior High Art / Grade 7 Core French / Grade 8 Healthy Living kaitlin.sparks@hrce.ca
O'Handley, Cindy Learning Centre Teacher 902-435-8420 ext. 3401210 cohandley@hrce.ca
Hann, Brittany Music 7/8/9 and 7/8/9 Healthy Living hannb@hrce.ca
Langille, Dave Resource and Grade 7/9 Social Studies DLangille@hrce.ca Website
Nagle, Dave Student Support Teacher DNagle@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
MacPherson, Gayle 50% EPA GMacPherson@hrce.ca
Leek, Robert African Nova Scotia Support Worker RLeek@hrce.ca
Diggs, Quentin Custodian 902-435-8420 ext. 3401005 qdiggs@hrce.ca
Gillis, Coleen EPA Coleen.Gillis@hrce.ca
Symonds, Vanassa EPA Vanassa.Symonds@hrce.ca
Pastorius, Gerard EPA GPastorius@hrce.ca
Westhaver, Jill EPA jwesthaver@hrce.ca
Jackson, Theresa School Librarian (Wednesday - Thursday - Friday) 902-435-8420 ext. 3401116 Teresa.Jackson@hrce.ca
Pedvis, Cindy Social Worker cpedvis@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Gabriel, Jeff Guidance 902-435-8420 ext. 3401003 jgabriel@hrce.ca
Lewis, Jeff Principal 902-435-8420 ext. 3401001 jeff.lewis@hrce.ca
Cottingham, Julia Secretary 902-435-8420 jcottingham@hrce.ca
Carruthers, Jeff Vice Principal 902-435-8420 ext. 3401002 jcarruthers@hrce.ca