Ellenvale Junior High

School Advisory Council

The Ellenvale School Advisory Council meets apporximately once a month to discuss school success.

The SAC helps promote an effective relationship with the school community and gives parents and community members an opportunity to share their views.

The SAC advises the principal (Mr. Scott Wadden) on school matters.

Our SAC Committee consists of:

Co-Chairs: Denise Chiasson & Kelly Ing

EPG Chair: Aileen Whitehead

Parent Reps: Jacquelynn Welsh, Kevin Dodge & Shyralee Carvery

Teacher Reps: Michelle Doolan, Cindy O'Handley & Therese Boudreau

Student Reps: Lily Balcolm, Hannah Welsh & Olivia Grimard

Community Members: Charmaine Willis (ANSSSW)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Denise Chaisson, Co-Chair, at ellenvalesacchair@gmail.com