Ellenvale Junior High

"How to..." Resources

"How to..."  Resources

A. Using Notes to take pictures of you work. (Apple Devices)

  • If you have a phone, iPad or iPod you have a scanner. Use the Notes App. Open a new note. Press the camera button., the option to scan documnet will come up. Once the document is scanned you can email it with less band width than a photo.

B. Using your cell phone to turn in Pictures of Work in Google Classroom.

C. Using Google Hangouts/Meet

  • See image below.

D. Ways to Show Math Work Digitally

E. Brainpop ( www.brainpop.com)

  • Free accounts for teachers and families.
  • Great for reviewing concepts and taking short quizzes to guage understanding.

F. How to access Google Classroom from Game Console (Playstation and XBox)

  • See image below.

G. How to Sign Up for Delivered Work Packages/Flyers.

H. WeVideo- screen casting

I. Adding Extensions to Chrome 

a. Nod - allows hands up, thumbs up, etc. in Your Google Meetings

b. Grid View - allows teacher/user to see a grid view of all students in their meeting.


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