Ellenvale Junior High

Ellenvale Christmas Wish List

Mme Cameron
 2 packages of markers to write on windows
 5 packages of graph paper
 5 packages of pencils
 5 digital timers
 25 white board markers (dollar store) to use on small white boards
 Any math games, puzzles, or brain teasers

Mrs. Carter
 Magnetic clips for putting materials on white boards
 Large erasable calendar for classroom events
 IKEA gift cards for stationary organizers, flex seating etc
 1.5V light bulbs (mini light bulbs and screw bases), C Cell batteries, alligator clips for electricity unit
 Mini mirrors/flashlights/lenses for optics
 Clicker/Remote (for projector)
 Simple core french games

Ms. Coles
 Math games and puzzles (Rush Hour, Kanoodle Genius, Blockus, Qwirkle Cubes, Color Cube Sudoku, Gravity Maze)

Ms. Crocker
 30 clipboards
 $ for wobble stool from IKEA for flex seating

Ms. Doolan
 Wobble stools
 Fidget toys for resource room.

Ms. Hann
Headphones / Earbuds
Second hand acoustic guitars (8)
Long and McQuade gift cards for:
Guitar strings
Studio Materials
Condenser Mics for Choir

Ms. Doucette:
 - rolls of tin foil
 Any Logic games and puzzles
 $ for wobble stool from IKEA for flex seating
 - colour pencils
 - markers
 - scotch tape (invisible, not frosted)
 computer speakers

Mr Emberly
 Any extra wood, lumber, paint, stain is always welcome and appreciated.
 Sandpaper
 Paint brushes

Mr. Fraser
 5 Clip on Bass Tuners
 5 Quarter inch instrument cables

Dave Langille
 Non-fiction social studies books. So I would like to use Chapters gift cards

Keile Legge
 Chapters gift cards for classroom books
 Chapter Gift Cards to enhance classroom book collection
 Lots and lots of white board markers (Dollar Store)
 Small white boards (class set of 30; Dollar Store)
 Magnetic clips that can hold papers and stick to the white boards
 Hand held pencil sharpeners
 Pencils
 Chromebook for the classroom

Mme Leslie
 lap desks
 Chapters gift cards for classroom library
 IKEA gift cards for flexible seating
 Markers/coloured pencils
 Board games with French options

Jessica McCarron
 IKEA gift cards for flexible furniture
 Live plants (easy care: water and partial sunlight)
 Le Petit Robert french english dictionnaires
Ms. O’Handley
 Ikea gift card for classroom furniture
 Sobeys gift cards
 Bulk barn gift cards
 Men’s deodorant
 Pet Value gift cards - for Oreo :)
 Walkers Livestock and Feed gift certificates
 It is a time timer watch for students who need to focus for short periods of time - supporting executive functioning skills. Cost is $124.00 or $112.00 with a Scholar's Choice Membership (we have one)
 -rock climbing rocks
 -indoor soccer net (2)
 -kinball
 -sledge hockey sticks

Ms. Radkey
 Lap Desk(s)
 Alternative seating options, ie:
o Big Cushions
o Bean Bag Chairs
o 2 Yoga Ball Bases to go with our current yoga balls, or more sets, ie https://www.mytradewest.com/ENERGi_Ball_Base_ONLY_p/en-ab5910.htm
o Any adult sized option from: https://www.mytradewest.com/category_s/1845.htm
 Celestron Digital Microscope Imager for the science lab: https://www.amazon.ca/Celestron-44421-Digital-Microscope-Imager/dp/B003D...

Ms. Shortt
 classroom markers, construction paper, pencils

 Books to donate to the classroom library
 Markers, pencil crayons

Ms. Sparks
 Art supplies ( markers, crayons, cardstock, construction paper, packing tape, acrylic paints and paint brushes, pencil crayons, different colored yarn)
 Michaels/dollar store gift cards
 Electric pencil sharpener
 Old magazines/newspapers

Mme Taylor
 Whiteboard markers
 Magnets for whiteboard
 Coloured pencils
 Markers
 Chapters/indigo gift card for classroom books
 Dollar store gift card for classroom supplies
 IKEA gift card for organizational supplies/flexible seating options
 French board games

Mrs. Tse
 dish cloths and towels
 cutting boards
 Coats/gutermann thread any color
 straight pins
 aprons