Ellenvale Junior High

School Fundraiser: Wreaths

Ellenvale Junior High students (band and non-band) are selling wreaths to help raise money for our school.
There are a number of things that we are raising money for, the end of year band trip, creation of a learning commons room in our old computer lab, an art gallery display on our second floor foyer and a bathroom makeover to include some grafitti art and positive self messaging.

Wreaths are $21.00 and will be 22”-24” in size. (Second Image) The swag hanging is $15.00.  (First Image)
The sale will run from Nov. 1 – Nov. 15, 2018. Please make cheques payable to Ellenvale Junior High School.
Orders forms, cheques, and/or cash will be due on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018.
Expected delivery date will be Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. The wreaths will be delivered to Ellenvale Junior High.
The time for pickup will be cannounced as we get closer to the end of November – the time will be communicated to you by email, school announcement, and paper notice sent home.

All band students will return forms and payments to Mr. Fraser and all non-band students will return forms and payments to Mr. Carruthers.