Ellenvale Junior High

June 2nd, 2021

June 2

Announcements Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Week ONE - Website: elj.hrc.ca

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, which is the unceded traditional ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

From Ms. McKay and Ms. Crocker:

UPDATE: No on-line classes today allowing teachers to pivot back to a return to classroom teaching on Thursday, June 3. We are excited to see you soon! Please visit https://www.hrce.ca/news/2021/05/31/hrce-schools-reopen-person-learning for details.

Student transportation will resume. Families can access and review their transportation information at: hrcetransportation.mybusplanner.ca .

If you have a school chromebook at home, please remember to bring/return your chromebook back to school with you.

You may notice that Ellenvale is flying the Mi’Mkmaq Flag. The symbolism of this flag:
Wapéék (White) - Denotes the purity of Creation
Mekwéék Klujjewey (Red Cross) - Represents mankind and infinity (four directions)
Náákúúset (Sun) - Forces of the day
Tepkunaset (Moon) - Forces of the night

Grade 6 Virtual Information Evening, 6:15 to 7:15pm - TOMORROW
Invitations have been sent to the Grade 6 families at our feeder schools via Swift messaging. The link is:  https://meet.google.com/fjs-rzpc-equ

Healthy Hunger Orders (visit healthyhunger.ca to place orders):
So this is how life is going right now . . . Kenny’s Pizza order is back on for Thursday, June 3 (tomorrow). Apologies for the confusion. Because the Sunwich order for Friday, June 4, was so small, it has been cancelled. Lunch orders for both Kenny’s and Sunwich have been extended to June 25 to help you use up your Healthy Hunger credits. (Please see the top righthand corner of your healthy hunger personal account to see how much credit you have.) When you place a NEW order, you can apply this credit once you arrive at the payment part of the process.

If you are considering the purchase of school clothing for a year-end surprise for your child, please go to  http://ellenvalejuniorhighschool.entripyshops.com/.

Acknowledging Mr. Jeff Lewis’s career and retirement:
You are invited to contribute to a gift to honour and appreciate Mr. Lewis’ contribution and dedication to education. Mr. Lewis retired on May 1. Please drop off donations to the school (cheques made out to Ellenvale Junior High School). We will add your name to the card. We are hoping to gift him a memorable getaway to Trout Point Lodge (https://www.troutpoint.com/)

Please continue to call the office safe arrival line or send an email to jcottingham@hrce.ca to report your child absent or late to any class(es). Thanks!

Planning for 2021-22 School Year:
If you know your child will not be returning to Ellenvale next year because of a move or transfer, please let the office know (435-8420) or email jcottingham@hrce.ca.

Bussing for 2021-22:
If you think your child may qualify for bussing next year (this particularly applies to grade 9 students going into Grade 10), please ensure your primary address is up–to-date in PowerSchool as the bus companies draw their information from PowerSchool. Please call the office at 435-8420 if you need to update or verify your address.

Stay Safe, Be Kind.