Ellenvale Junior High

May 20th, 2021

May 20

Announcements Thursday, May 20, 2021
Week ONE - Website: elj.hrc.ca

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, which is the unceded traditional ancestral territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

From Ms. Crocker and Ms. McKay:

SOAR Nominations:
Jay Brooks, Mitchell Hennigar and Madelyn MacDonald for participating in math class.

TOMORROW is a Professional Development day – no classes for students.
Monday, May 24 is the Victoria Day Holiday – no classes for students.

If you are considering the purchase of school clothing for a year-end surprise for your child, please go to  http://ellenvalejuniorhighschool.entripyshops.com/.

If you received a chrome book, you will have also received an agreement for it’s use by you at home. Please return that agreement once it has been signed. You can scan to email (jcottingham@hrce.ca) or fax to 435-8469 or arrange to drop it off at the school by calling 435-8420.

Please continue to call the office safe arrival line or send an email to jcottingham@hrce.ca to report your child absent or late to any class(es). Thanks!

Office Hours – 9 to noon every day:
If you are coming to the school pay for a yearbook, pick up a chrome book, instruments or student’s personal item, please call 435-8420 before coming to the school to make sure someone is available to meet you.

In case you missed this information yesterday:
FINAL RAFFLEBOX 50/50 TOTAL!!  $5655.00

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

We did our draw this morning with Ms. Crocker as videographer, Ms. Doolan as witness and Mr. Regan as the drawer (he didn’t buy any rafflebox tickets) and the winner is . . . . Julia Cottingham! (Well, that’s a little awkward!!) The video is posted on our website elj.hrce.ca in the Twitter Feed.

Wondering who the homeroom winners are?
First Place – Ms. McCarron’s 702 class raised $765. Amazing and congratulations! As soon as we know how to host your pizza party, we will let you know.

Second Place – Mme Leslie’s 805 class raised $660. Fantastic and congratulations! Your swag prize will be distributed to you ASAP.

Third Place – Ms. Nadeau’s 703 class raised $610! Wow, you folks really put on the last-minute push! Your swag prize will be distributed to you ASAP.

Here are the rest of the standings. Again, thank you to everyone!! I certainly enjoyed reporting the competition and I hope you had fun too!

Moore 704 - $580 Vautour 904 - $310 Doucette 902 - $155 Coles 701 - $60
Cameron 706 - $370 Attig 705 - $275 Leveck 803 - $100 Sparks 801 - $60
Tramble 903 - $330 Boudreau 905 - $255 Graham 901 - $80 
Shortt – 803 - $310 Parsons 804 - $160  

Planning for 2021-22 School Year:
If you know your child will not be returning to Ellenvale next year because of a move or transfer, please let the office know (435-8420) or email jcottingham@hrce.ca.

Bussing for 2021-22:
If you think your child may qualify for bussing next year (this particularly applies to grade 9 students going into Grade 10), please ensure your primary address is up–to-date in PowerSchool as the bus companies draw their information from PowerSchool. Please call the office at 435-8420 if you need to update or verify your address.

Stay Safe, Be Kind.