Ellenvale Junior High

January 16th, 2019

From Mr. Fraser
Wednesday - lunch - Jazz band Rehearsal and after school - Grease Band Rehearsal - open to all grades
Thursday - lunch - Grade 8 band Rehearsal and after school - Celtic Band Rehearsal
Friday - lunch - Grade 7 band Rehearsal

From Mme Boudreau:
Today is the last day! Can you beat 701 with 7079 points and 705 with 6054 points. Come try your best!!

From Ms. Hann:
All Grease cast and chorus are reminded of their mandatory after school rehearsal on Friday, February 1, in the gym from 3-5pm. All performers must attend.

From Ms. Legge:
There will be a MANDATORY Duke of Ed meeting TODAY. This will take the entire lunch hour so come prepared with your lunch.

From Ms. Sparks:
There will be an important yearbook meeting Monday, Jan 21, at lunch in Mme Leslie's room. If you cannot attend, please see Mme Leslie or Ms. Sparks.

From Ms. Crocker:
Grade 9 girls are reminded to check the posters in the upstairs hallway for Lunchtime Girls Group Sessions. We are starting in February.

From Ms. Leslie:
There will be a leadership meeting today at 12:15 in Mme Leslie’s room.

From Mr. Emberly:
There will be two opportunities for students to SKI WENTWORTH! -- Jan 30 and February 13. Information letter/permission form is available at the office for pick up. For each day you participate: if you have equipment and a ski pass, the cost is $25, if you have equipment, the cost is $45 and if you need to rent equipment, the cost is $55. Payments must be cash or money order – cheques are not accepted. Space is limited to 42 students each trip.

January Athletics
Girls Basketball
BiHi @ Ellenvale   4pm

Boys Basketball
Ellenvale @ BiHi   4pm

From Mrs. Cottingham:
Amazingly, I have not had to ask for plastic spoon donations all year because of the generous donations I received last year! However, I am down to my last dozen or so. If you have a supply of plastic spoons (I still have lots of forks), I would gratefully accept donations. Just drop them off at the office please. Thank you!