Ellenvale Junior High

March 7th, 2016


TODAY - Drum Ensemble - lunch

                - Brass Ensemble - lunch

                - Woodwind Ensemble - lunch

Tuesday - Grade 8and9 Band - lunch

Wednesday - Jazz band - lunch

Thursday - Musical Band - lunch

Friday - Grade7 Band - lunch

            - Musical Band - after school 3:00 -4:00 pm


Mr. Fraser is available for extra help with theory books and scale assessments every day this week as well as Monday and Wednesday at lunch.


Final payments for the Grade 8 and 9 Band Trip to Fredericton are due.


Please insure all second term work is completed and handed in. March is a short teaching month and term 2 ends by April 1.


March is Nutrition Month – Read daily announcement



There will be an important yearbook meeting Thursday at 12:10 in Mr. Klasz's room. If you cannot attend, please let Mr. Klasz or Ms. Sparks know. 


The yearbook committee is looking for artistic and short poetic pieces to be featured in this year's yearbook. The art work is asked to be representative of the school community and of the artist. Please submit your art work or poetry to Mr. Klasz by e-mail or in room 218. 

The yearbook committee is also looking for Grade 9 Baby Pictures. These can be sent to Mr. Klasz by e-mail or as a hard copy in room 218 with your name and class on the back of the photo. The deadline for submission of art work, poetry and baby pictures is March 31st. 


Spirit Club

March 17  Irish you say

March 11 is spirit day

On Friday we're keen

to all wear our green

and celebrate Irish hooray!!


Hey Eagles: On Friday, March 11 wear your green and white or your leprechaun tights and celebrate St Patrick's day.  And on Thursday and Friday at lunch, drop by our magical photo booth with your friends and your smart phone or camera and take a luck-o-the Irish photo for a very few quid.  50 cents gets you a fabulous Irish pose with your friends. All Ellenvale leprechauns welcome!!!